INHPS has built a network of the most talented and innovative players in their respective industries. They share our vision for quality and integrity. As each project dictates, we call on these powerful resources, expanding and contracting our project team. In other words, your staffing nightmares are over.
Avelar System Design
Binderama Creative
Birket Engineering
Blackwell Construction
Bliss Construction, LLC
Bruce D. Robison Design Group
Candela Controls Inc
CD+M Lighting Design Group
Chimaera Group
Crane Construction LLC
Cuningham Group
Custom Glass by Law
Custom Welding by Law
Design Ranch Studios
Designer’s Workroom
Edwards Technologies, Inc.
Encore Productions
Englekirk Engineering
Fogel and Assoc.
Friedmutter Group
Gary Houston Architects
Gensler Houston
Gensler Santa Monica
Gentle Jungle
Holly Mandot Painting
Integrity Arts (i.d.e.a.s.)
Irwin Seating Company
Jon Snoddy Inc.
Leclere Associates Architects, P.C.
Lucci & Associates, Inc.
Mark Stutz and Associates, Inc.
My Design, Inc.
PPA Spectaculars
Roger George Rentals
Royal Cabinet Design Co, Inc.
Schindler Elevators
Schneider Electric
ShoConcepts Creative Services
Sign-Lite Corporation
Stunts Dynamics
TechCept Group LLC
Telanet Canada, Inc
The Attraction Services Company
The Nassal Company
The Pixel Factory
TriMark Raygal Inc.
Vertex Productions
Visual Terrain, Inc.
WHS Engineering